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Reported Rape Cases

Methodology : This information, published by the Cambodian Center for Human Rights ("CCHR"), was gathered from both Khmer and English news media. This information does not cover cases recorded outside of the media. CCHR does not contend that the information presented here is conclusive. It is expected that the information represents only a portion of rape cases that occur in Cambodia, as many cases go unreported. Please click on a province in the map of this page to display the reported instances of rape that are reported within it.

Rape Cases from 2010 to 2013

Total: 2-25
Total: 26-48
Total: 49-71
Total: 72-94
Total: 95-117
The cases are classified within these nine categories:
  1. 1- Province
  2. 2- Age of victims
  3. 3- Number of victims
  4. 4- Age of perpetrators
  5. 5- Number of perpetrators
  6. 6- Relationship between the victims and perpetrators
  7. 7- Prosecuted or chargedcharged (# of cases)
  8. 8- Prosecuted or charged (# of perpetrators)
  9. 9- Rape with Murder
The data covers the period from January 2010 to February 2013. This data is displayed on the map and is viewable based on year. The data is displayed in the above-mentioned categories. The information indicates the types of cases that occur and the manner in which they are dealt with by the authorities. CCHR encourages other organizations and institutions – government and non-government – to publish similar information to increase the amount of information available and to enhance public understanding of the issue. Information is the key to understanding and a problem is best tackled when it is truly understood.

* Note : Please note that in none of the information contained above is CCHR making a judgement on the guilt or innocence of the alleged perpetrators. Any reference to a perpetrator is a reference t🐓o an individual who has been held to have been guilty of 🐟the crime charged.