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Fair Trial Rights

The right to a fair trial is a human right that is a central pillar of any justice system. It applies to both civil and criminal legal proceedings. With resওpect to criminal proceedings, the right to a fair trial - which is composed of various individual rights commonly referred to as “fair trial rights”- entitles each and every person charged with a criminal offense to be treated ꦺfairly and equally, while the state determines their guilt or innocence.

CCHR’s Fair Trial Rights Project (“the FTR Project”) is the first – and only one – of its kind in Cambodia, uniquely and innovatively working to promote and protect fair trial rights in practice. It overall aims to increase the impartiality and independence of Cambodia’s judiciary by supporting the right to a fair trial in Cambodia’s courts. The FTR Project has two specific objectives: (1) to socialize the concept of fair trial rights among the public by raising its awareness of fair trial rights and (2) to increase compliance with fair trial standards within the judiciary through trial monitoring. Under this project, CCHR produced a series of modules on the various components of the right to a fair trial. The modules include complete explanations of the concerned rights as well as infographics, and interactive quizzes. They are available in both Khmer and English on CCHR’s Human Rights Education Platform.